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Whether you are a start-up entrepreneur ready to see your idea set into motion or you are an established business maintaining and growing your success, Suleiman | Amaidas | Rezai Law Firm, PLLC offers valuable legal services and counseling to support your success.

Corporate formation for new businesses:  Our team analyzes your business structure and goals to determine which type of business entity fits your company’s needs, maximizes your profitability, reduces your tax obligations and protects you from liability. After we have thoroughly explained your options, we put together a complete package for the formation of the appropriate entity, such as a: Corporation, Professional corporation, Partnership, Limited liability company (LLC), Professional LLC (PLLC), Limited liability partnership (LLP), or Nonprofit corporation. We will guide you and your group through the various challenges that come along with starting a new business, including establishing the parameters of the relationship between you and co-venturers and those individuals’ relationships with the business organization. 

We will guide you through the numerous processes that go along with starting an exciting new venture or maintaining a profitable one, including asset acquisition, brand establishment and protection, establishment and preservation of contractual relationships, and all the other different challenges and opportunities that arise as you embark on your new venture or endeavor to grow your existing business.

Contact our team today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys and find out all of the ways we can enhance your startup experience or your current path toward your goals.



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